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 Proactive accounting... Not just tax returns

Being the Accountant for a business is about a lot more than just producing year end tax returns.

At Maclean Partners we encourage business owners to use the more specialised skills that we have that can enhance the prospect of your business success. These services focus on the various stages of the life cycle of your business and can include:

Business Growth strategies – Helping to grow your business
Increased Profit – Improving your businesses profitability
Improvements to Cash Flow – Learn about what you can do to free up cash
Asset Protection – Protection for you and your assets in the short term and long term
Business and Family Succession - Assistance with selling or passing it to the next generation

We work with you regardless of what business stage you are at, whether it is just starting off, experiencing dynamic growth phases, enduring financial difficulties or nearing retirement.

We help you understand your business and what makes it 'tick'...

The outcome of this is that you can be confident that not only are your tax affairs being managed in the most efficient way and you are paying the least tax that you legally have to, but also your business efficiency and security is closely monitored and safeguarded.

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?...

  • How can I improve my cash flow and my bottom line?
  • What happens if I increase my prices by 5%?
  • What happens if I collect my debtors 5 days quicker?
  • You say I am making profits but I have no cash. Where has it all gone?
  • I think I am paying too much tax. What can I do to reduce it?
  • How do I fund new equipment or more staff members?
  • I want to borrow money. Can I afford it?
  • My lease is expiring and I am sick of paying rent. Can I afford my own premises? 
  • I have lost a major customer who was 10% of my sales. What am I going to do? 
  • How do I do a cash flow and budget?

We have a structured Business Health Check process that highlights your businesses strengths and weaknesses. We then do an analysis of your business and produce a report that will provide answers in clear terms that you will understand.

Contact us and find out what we do that is different to what you are used to getting from your current accountant...

We will tell you: 

  • What we do
  • How long it will take
  • How this service is delivered
  • What you need to supply Maclean Partners
  • What you receive and
  • What it will cost…

Are you getting this now? Probably not and this is what makes Maclean Partners different….

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What our clients say...
  • "I've known Ross for many years and his team continues to deliver good, wholesome country service" - Read more
    - Kym Westcott, Paleo Cafe
  • "Maclean Partners are very knowledgeable accountants who are always attentive and keen to learn more about how to improve our business. John and his team offer sound advice about tax and general accounting, as well as helping structure and manage the financial aspects of the business to our advantage". - Read more
    - Tony Pascoe, NQ Foot and Ankle
  • "We've worked so hard over the past 10 years to get the business to where it is and sometimes you can't see the forest from the trees. Thanks to the Maclean Partners and the 90 Day Business Challenge, I found each module so helpful and the self-paced online aspect combined with the face to face coaching and workshops worked really well for us. - Read more
    - Nelly Evans,Powdercoat Select
  • "Nelly (my wife) told me she had signed up for some business training and I told her it was a waste of time and money. I wasn't interested in doing it at all because both our businesses are firing on all cylinders, but to show her support, I went along to the first workshop and I was impressed. Nelly and I have been doing a lot of talking, but we realised that we never had the right mindset to take action. - Read more
    - Glenn Evans, The Fencing Factory
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