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Simple things your sales team must avoid


Help your sales team avoid these selling faux pas to improve their results:

  1. Chasing up unsubstantial leads.
    You must earn the right to sell to someone.  Consider your initial reaction when a cold caller phone or knocks on your door - does it encourage you to want to buy?  You only get one chance to start a relationship.  Carefully consider who you target and how to build trust before pitching.
  2. Being Unprepared.
    If unprepared, you will instantly be on the back foot and prospective customers will sense it.  Create scripts and email templates to polish your delivery, save time, save energy and ensure consistency.
  3. Not qualifying leads.
    Not every opportunity is equal.  If your prospective customer can't afford your product or service, or doesn't actually need it, you are wasting your time selling to them.  Start by qualifying your prospective customers and focus your energy on converting key decision makers.  Ask a few simple questions to find out what they want, what their budget is, and when they need it.
  4. Turning up late.
    This is rude, and annoying, and reflects poorly on you and the business.
  5. Giving too much information.
    Before launching straight into your pitch, consider what the customer wants and what they need to know.  Information overload causes confusion; not sales.  Be concise; don't bore the prospective customer into submission.  If they ask for more, give it to them.
  6. Not listening.
    Stay focused and attentive.  Don't go into a sales pitch with preconceived ideas on what the client want.  You could miss an important opportunity, sell them something they don't want or lose the sale.  Ask questions, listen attentively and solve the prospective customer's problems.
  7. Not explaining the value
    Technical jargon and product specs will only get you so far.  People ant to know what is in it for them.  Show them the value of your offering to them personally.  Emotional factors will influence their choice to buy.
  8. Saying yes without being able to back it up.
    Saying yes can lead to unrealistic expectation.  Before agreeing to a customer's request, be sure you can deliver and it makes sense to.  If it's reasonable, possible and profitable (either immediately or in the future) then say yes.
  9. Closing the sale before you have established the value to the customer.
    Every customer is different.  Appeal to the individual you are selling to.  Establishing the value or benefit to that specific customer builds trust and rapport, demonstrating that you understand their situation and want to help them.
  10. Ignoring the sales process.
    Rushing a sale can backfire.  Following the sales process ensures you will sell the right product to the right person.  Skipping steps in the process may result in an unhappy customer who though they were getting 'X' but instead got 'Y'.  This results in the loss of trust, reputation, and future income.
  11. Product pushing / selling
    Forcing products onto customers who can't afford them or won't benefit from them will damage the business's reputation.  If you believe in the value of your product, you don't need to over sell - your customers should be stoked (not strong-armed) to use it.
  12. Failing to upsell / cross-sell
    Upselling is when a customer spends more money by upgrading to a more expensive model or purchasing additional features.  Cross-selling is when a customer buys additional unrelated products with their purchases, e.g. 'do you want fries with that?'.  It is essential the salesperson gauges when an upsell or cross-sell is of value to the customer.
  13. Not delivering on your promise.
    Every salesperson should under promise and over deliver.  Not vice versa!  Consider realistic timeframes and availability.  It is essential that you coach your sales team and ensure each salesperson follows your sales process.  Your sales team reflects your business's brand and reputation - make sure they are advocates for your business.

Get in touch if you would like to help to refine your sales process.

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