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Key Strategies for Motivating Employees


Every business wants a team of inspired, engaged people working hard to achieve shared goals, but getting and keeping employees motivated can be tricky.

Every person is different and what drives one person may not motivate another.  For some it may be money, others want recognition, while others find motivation within themselves and just get on and perform.

So, in order to help keep all your people happy and focused on doing their best, you need a variety of strategies and responses.  Here are some top employee motivation strategies:

  • Start with individuals - Motivation fluctuates over time, so get to know each employee and find out what drive and stimulates them, then tailor your strategies to their professional and personal goals.
  • Get the basics right - Employees need to know they are on solid ground so base your workplace culture on respect.  Pay everyone correctly and on time, and establish performance objectives at the start of a year.  Welcome any new employees with a dynamic on-boarding process.
  • Trust your team - Fostering positive relationships by trusting people to use their skills and work independently will build a more creative, self-sufficient team and stop employees feeling micromanaged.
  • Share the big picture - People want their work to be meaningful and fulfilling, so make sure they fully understand the purpose of the business and how their role contributes to it.
  • Be open and transparent - If employees know what's happening at the highest level and have a chance to provide input, they will feel more involved and committed to the company's direction.
  • Set small, achievable goals - working with team members to break larger objectives into smaller ones helps keep people motivated as they can see tangible progress and the fruits of their work.
  • Recognise and reward - Recognition is far better motivator than punishment, so be sure to celebrate each target you reach and reward employees when they go above and beyond.

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